Race rules

It is the participant’s responsibility to attend the race briefing, familiarize themselves with the rules & regulations, race flow and prearranged race courses.

Parents and supporters will not be allowed in the transition area and no outside assistance by parents or supporters will be permitted during the race. Violation of these rules will lead to the disqualification of the athlete

 Our staff will be available on-site to assist the athletes with questions and there will be pre-race announcements and the mandatory race briefing before the start as well. 


  • Athletes can only check into the transition area according to the scheduled times. Please arrive on time. 
  • No new registrations onsite.
  • Wear your bib number for the bike and run.
  • Triathlon and Duathlon – Attach your bike helmet sticker to the front of your bike helmet.
  • Attach your timing chip to your ankle before the race.
  • Athletes race at their own risk.
  • Athletes must be medically fit to race.
  • Race briefing: Attendance is compulsory.
  • Athletes should not leave any valuables in their bags at the transition area. The race organizers do not take responsibility for lost items.


  • Athletes will receive a swim start card, with their bib number, start time and start sequence details, in the race pack. Please take this card to the swimming pool for check-in.
  • Athletes must check-in at the swim start 15 minutes before your assigned swim start time
  • Athletes must keep count of the laps themselves.
  • Any overtaking must be done safely.


  • Helmets are compulsory. No helmet no race.
  • Athletes mount their bikes at the mount line only and be cautious of other bikers that are already racing on the road when they start.

  • This is a NO DRAFTING race. 

o   “Drafting” means to remain within the draft zone (of 10 meters) of another athlete, measured from the leading edge of the front wheel and extending towards the back of the bike.

o   Athletes must ride single file on the far-right side of the bike course road and remain outside of the draft zone, except when passing another athlete. 

o   Entering the drafting zone requires overtaking within 30 seconds. A “pass” occurs when the overtaking athlete’s front wheel passes the leading edge of the front wheel of the athlete being overtaken. No overtaking by riding in a close line behind the athlete in front, to reduce the wind resistance and the amount of energy required to pedal.

o   The overtaken athlete must immediately drop back 10 meters before re-overtaking. 

o   Side-by-side riding is not allowed.

o   An athlete may enter the drafting zone without penalty only under the following conditions:

·      If an athlete enters the drafting zone and completes a pass within 30 seconds, without riding in a close line behind the athlete in front.

·      For safety reasons.

·      Entering and exiting an aid station or transition area.

·      An acute turn; and if a race official exempts a section of the course because of narrow lanes, constructions, or for other safety reasons.

·      Failure to comply with the above drafting rules will be given the following penalty on the spot.

·      1st Yellow card > 1 minute time penalty

·      2nd Yellow card > 2 minutes time penalty

·      3rd Yellow card or red card > disqualification from the race.

  • Athletes must keep to the right of the road when biking, pass on the left, keep far left when passing until they have cleared the drafting zone, and shout “on your left’ when passing.
  • Athletes dismount bikes on the right-hand side of the road at the dismount line and run their bikes into transition.
  • No aid stations on the bike course, athletes must prepare their own water.
  • Athletes must keep count of the loops themselves.
  • No earphones on while biking.
  • Tops are compulsory. 



  • There are 1 aid stations on only the 1.2, 1.5 and 3km run courses.
  • No earphones on while running.
  • Tops are compulsory.
  • Athletes must return their timing chip at the finish line.


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